• Critical blood shortage

    Trauma centers in Michigan, and across the U.S., are facing a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Healthy individuals are urgently needed to donate and to help patients counting on lifesaving blood. The blood shortage is so dire it could mean a crisis for Michigan communities if unrelieved.

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  • Funding our trauma system

    Michigan needs to continually maintain a fully-funded statewide trauma system to save lives following life-threatening injuries. The Trauma System is a line item in the state budget. MTC works closely with State legislators to assure annual funding.


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  • It starts here

    Trauma caregivers know that trauma care does not start in the emergency department. It starts in the vehicle, the street, the home, the sporting arena, or wherever injuries occur. Improving trauma care means working closely with emergency responders and medical control authorities to help ensure that patients get the most appropriate care in the shortest time.

  • Who we are

    Formed by concerned health care providers in 1991, the Michigan Trauma Coalition is a non-profit, membership organization comprised of trauma centers, health care professionals, and organizations dedicated to reducing traumatic injuries while developing better care and treatment for trauma patients in Michigan.

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  • Our mission

    The mission of the Michigan Trauma Coalition is to promote the optimal care of the injured patient and foster a cost-effective, statewide trauma system.

  • Membership

    With nearly 100 member hospitals across Michigan, the Michigan Trauma Coalition is the only state-wide multi-professional organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of trauma care, education, prevention, and advocacy across the trauma continuum.

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  • Advocacy

    The Michigan Trauma Coalition is dedicated to ongoing advocacy for trauma funding, oversight, and legislation that promotes the safety of the public.

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  • Education

    The Michigan Trauma Coalition provides ongoing trauma education to its members, ranging from entry-level training courses for new registrars and trauma program managers to courses that feature complex financial and clinical topics.

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  • Injury prevention

    Unintentional injury is a major public health problem in the United States and preventing injury is a key focus of the Michigan Trauma Coalition.

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  • Pediatric Trauma

    Pediatric trauma

    Caring for pediatric trauma patients requires special knowledge and management. There are a limited number of pediatric trauma centers in our state, so every hospital must educate its staff and providers in the initial care of injured children who arrive in their emergency departments.

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  • Trauma registry

    The trauma registry houses complex data essential for performance improvement within a trauma program. Supporting the work of the trauma registrar is a priority of the Michigan Trauma Coalition.


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Michigan Trauma Coalition

Dedicated to reducing traumatic injuries while developing better care and treatment of trauma patients in Michigan.


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