Legislative Matters/Advocacy

The Michigan Trauma Coalition is committed to taking an active role in the development and passage of trauma system legislation and funding support in both Lansing and Washington, D.C. The Michigan Trauma Coalition is proud of the many elected officials who work to support trauma system legislation and funding.



Show your support for legislation that matters and advocate for trauma system funding. Via this LINK, you can find information about how to contact Senators and Representatives to make sure your story is heard. You can also find information on current or past legislation regarding trauma systems in the state. Support trauma system legislation in Michigan!

How to Contact Your Elected Officials

The preferred method of contact is to meet your Senator or Representative in person. Take advantage of opportunities in your community, such as coffee hours (one on one conversations) or hometown events where your legislator will be in attendance. If you cannot meet your Senator or Representative in person in district, sending a handwritten letter or email explaining who you are and why you support a bill is the next best form of contact. You may also call their office or schedule a meeting in Lansing.

What to Say

  1.  Mention the legislation by bill number or sponsor name.
  2.  Ask for their support for the legislation
  3.  Tell your story!
  4.  Include current Michigan statistics
  5.  Thank them for their support!

Be sure to copy the Michigan Trauma Coalition on any correspondence.
E-mails can be copied to [email protected]