MTC General Membership Meetings

MTC has a minimum of four scheduled General Membership Meetings per year. They are typically held in February, May, September, and December. The meetings can be virtual, in-person, or both. General Membership meetings are open to any individual working in a trauma capacity in the Trauma Program at a member hospital. These meetings are usually attended by Trauma Program Managers (TPMs), as well as Trauma Medical Directors (TMDs), Performance Improvement (PI) Coordinators, Injury Prevention Coordinators, and Registrars. Meetings provide a great opportunity to network and share ideas. However, the virtual option reduces travel costs and provides an opportunity for more trauma staff to attend.

General Membership Meetings typically consist of a business meeting in the morning followed by an educational session or sessions after lunch. However, the agenda can vary depending on the date and venue.

The May meeting is held during the same week and location as the Annual Meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the American College of Surgeons and the Michigan Committee on Trauma. (Their location rotates around the state). Other in-person MTC meetings are held in Lansing as it provides a central location. The September General Membership Committee meeting is shared with the Registrars’ Committee and provides educational topics of interest to both groups. The December meeting serves as the annual meeting for the purpose of electing Executive Officers, approval of the annual budget, voting on Bylaws changes (as needed), and transacting other business.

For more information about MTC officers, governance and leadership, see the Governance page.


General Membership Meeting Minutes (members only)