Lead Organization


The lead agency for the Michigan Trauma System is the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and the Crime Victims, EMS, and Trauma Division is responsible for implementation of the Trauma Rules. Here is a link to the MDHHS website.

For more information about the historical work done toward regionalization of trauma in Michigan, download this additional MDHHS file: “Regionalization of Emergency Care: Utilizing the Statewide Trauma System for the Framework”.

State Trauma Coordinator

Michigan’s current State Trauma Manager is Eileen Worden, RN.
Here is her contact information:

Phone: (517) 241-3020
Email: EMAIL Eileen

State Trauma Program Staff and Regional Trauma Coordinator contact info

Regional Trauma Coordinators

The State of Michigan has eight trauma regions and a dedicated Regional Trauma Coordinator for each region. These regional coordinators will be the point of contact for each Regional Trauma Network. They will work with the hospitals and EMS providers in each region to help coordinate work plans around pre-hospital triage criteria, trauma diversion policies, trauma bypass protocols, regional trauma treatment guidelines, regional quality improvement plans, medical oversight, trauma education, injury prevention, access to the system, and communication. The Regional Trauma Coordinator will serve as the MDCH representative on all regional committees. For information about how to contact your Regional Trauma Coordinator, click HERE.