Celebrate National STOP THE BLEED® Day 2020

For Immediate Release: May 21, 2020 – Contact: Sarah Hughes, Legislative Advocacy & Outreach Committee Chair – shughes@oaklawnhospital.com

Today is National STOP THE BLEED® Day!  STOP THE BLEED® is one of our nation’s largest public health campaigns with a goal to save lives by training people in how to stop severe bleeding.

Every year nearly 200,000 people die because of injuries sustained from traumatic events such as motor vehicle crashes, falls, industrial and farm accidents, natural disasters, and tragic mass casualty events. The most common preventable cause of death in these situations is the loss of too much blood in the minutes before trained first responders arrive. The most effective bleeding control is immediate direct pressure, and when needed, the rapid application of a tourniquet.

National STOP THE BLEED® Day is a call to action.  Anyone can be trained and be ready to save someone’s life – a friend, a family member, colleague or the person next to you – whether you know them or not. Take five minutes to watch this video. Then, share it with others. What you learn and share may help save someone’s life!

The National STOP THE BLEED® Day project is designed to heighten public awareness of STOP THE BLEED®. It is supported by the US Department of Defense, the American College of Surgeons, the American Red Cross, the American College of Emergency Physicians and many other private and public sector organizations across the country including the Michigan Trauma Coalition.

Get trained, get equipped, be ready, be empowered, spread the word.  Together we can STOP THE BLEED®.