Compliance Committee

The MTC Compliance Committee was formed in 2021. It consists of at least three (3) MTC member hospital representatives. The responsibilities of the Compliance Committee include:

  • The committee will meet at least annually.
  • The committee will review:
      • MTC compliance with its Conflict of Interest (COI) policy;
      • An annual review of the MTC Bylaws;
      • An annual review to verify which officer positions are due to be placed on the annual ballot for the Annual Election;
      • Other policy and compliance reviews as assigned by the MTC Executive Board, including an annual recognition of Leadership Council members (Executive Board, Physicians-at-Large, and Committee Chairs/Sub-Committee Chairs.
  • The committee will provide an annual written report to the MTC Executive Board, prior to the Executive Board’s 3rd Quarter meeting.





Committee Chair: Chris Baker, MSN, RN, CEN
Trauma Program Manager, McLaren Flint

Chair-Elect: Patti Irwin, BSN, RN
Trauma Program Manager, McLaren Bay Region


Meeting Minutes (members only)