House Bill 5901 Needs Your Support

House Bill 5901 has passed appropriations with 8 no and 16 yes votes. It now goes to the house floor and will be voted on within the week. We NEED you to add your information to this downloadable Letter of Support and send to your representative for your respective areas. Encourage your staff to do this as well. Volume matters! Please be sure to read the template before sending so that all of your information replaces the info in parentheses. Don’t know who your representative is, or how to contact? Click here to find them. It will also provide their contact email. We have been working on this for months and the time has come to make the push. Thanks for all you do for trauma in the state of Michigan. Let’s get this bill passed!

Also, if your hospital is in a different district than your residence you can send two! One as a resident and one as a trauma professional.