Registrar Committee


The Trauma Registrar Committee is comprised of healthcare professionals from various educational and certification backgrounds who work to maintain their trauma centers’ trauma registries. The trauma registry is a highly specific database of trauma variables, including patient demographics, the specifics surrounding the injury event, details about the injuries sustained, care rendered across the continuum of care, procedures, surgeries, complications, discharge, length-of-stay, etc. The data elements that the trauma registrar collects, in conjunction with other members of the Trauma Program, are used to monitor and improve the quality of trauma care rendered by the center that each registrar represents. The goal of the trauma registrar is to collect accurate, meaningful, and consistent data, and the process involved in maintaining such a database may be a significant challenge for a registrar who is new to the role.

The quarterly meetings of the registrar group serve as a unique venue for the discussion of challenges, issues, state and national requirements, process, and coding issues, to name a few. It also provides an opportunity for mentorship of new registrars, by giving them direct access to experienced registrars, many of whom have been through multiple trauma verification site visits. The experienced registrars can share strategies for preparing for the ACS site visit, including tips for generating the specific data reports that will be needed prior to the verification site visit.

The Trauma Registrar Committee meetings are all day, on a quarterly schedule. These meetings take place on a different date than the MTC general membership meetings, except for the fall meeting, which is held together with the general membership. Unless otherwise specified, these meetings take place either virtually (Zoom) or at the Lansing Community College West Campus, 5708 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing, MI, 48917.

Committee Chair: Cecilia Roiter, RHIT, CAISS, CSTR
Clinical Information Analyst
University of Michigan Health – Ann Arbor




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