Michigan law impacts auto insurance coverage on July 1st – Learn about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) options

Valerie Canary, MSN, RN, CPNP – President-Elect, Michigan Trauma Coalition/
Pediatric Trauma Program ManagerHurley Med. Ctr. – Flint, MI –

June 22, 2020

Big changes are ahead, not only for Michigan Trauma Hospitals but for all motorists in Michigan. Many of you have a firsthand view of how devastating and costly auto accidents can be. A single crash can cost thousands or even millions of dollars for patients. That’s why we want to share some important changes in auto insurance starting in Michigan on July 1st.

On July 1st motorists will have the option to select a much lower level of personal injury protection than what is offered in the current law.  Under current law, all auto insurance policies in Michigan cover lifetime medical and rehabilitation care expenses for injured drivers and passengers — for as long as the care is needed. Under the new law, Michigan drivers for the first time will have the option to choose significantly lower levels of medical coverage, or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), when they buy or renew their policies. PIP pays your immediate and long-term medical expenses if you are injured in a car crash, so opting for less than full coverage means potentially higher out of pocket medical and rehabilitation costs from a car crash injury, or relying on another form of insurance which may not cover the care you need.  We encourage our members, family, and friends to select full coverage personal injury protection or as much medical coverage as they can reasonably afford.

We urge you to learn more about Michigan’s new auto insurance law at https://www.driveprotected.org/, a resource provided by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA). This website includes a comprehensive discussion of options as well as a full list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Help us spread the word that Trauma Hospitals in Michigan will be here to care for you after a car crash – and full coverage PIP is there to make sure you’re protected if one happens.