State of Michigan Virtual Site Visits: A Trauma Program Guide to Virtual Designation/Verification


    • Tammy First –

      State Trauma Designation Coordinator, MDHHS

    • Theresa Jenkins – RN, BSN

      Theresa Jenkins – RN, BSN

      Region 1 Trauma Coordinator, MDHHS

This presentation will review current elements of virtual site visits by the State of Michigan including including introductory slides, chart preparation and review, the virtual tour, virtual meetings with surveyors, the exit interview, and communication. 


  1. Discuss the rationale for virtual site visits instead of in-person site visits for trauma center verification in Michigan.
  2. Describe the current requirements for virtual site visits for designation/verification of Level III and IV centers.

Date of session: Tuesday, December. 14, 2021 – Breakout Session 1